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Pull to Refresh

If you’ve been using any modern smartphone for any length of time I’m sure you’ve seen “Pull to Refresh” (PTF). This has quickly become the preferred and expected way for a user to force the content they are looking at to refresh from the Internet. Simply drag the screen downwards with a finger, then release […]

WebView and HTML anchor tags

Anchor tags in HTML are a way to mark locations on a page that the browser can jump to automatically. If the name of the anchor is attached to the end of the URL after a pound character (#anchor), sometimes called an anchor hash, the browser will load the page, then scroll down so the location […]

Loading QML Conditionally

My multiFEED application was originally built at a time when most users were still running the BlackBerry 10.0 operating system. Even as I write this, there are still quite a few sluggish carriers around the world that haven’t issued an update to 10.1, leaving their customers locked out from using some of the more interesting apps that […]